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BOOK MARK: Tarot in my coaching session


Quickly, I wanted to mention that I used a Tarot spread right before a client meeting today (for the first time ever in this setting!) as we were investigating the direction of her book, and MY GOD, IT WAS EXCELLENT! Usually I meditate right before meeting with a client, so I can be a clear channel for listening, inspiration and guidance. But, this time, in tandem with meditation, I consulted my Goddess deck, and EVERY FREAKIN’ CARD WAS ON FREAKIN’ POINT. Last week, my astrologist Susyn Blair-Hunt said that I should bring the tarot that I usually just do for myself into contact with the outer world. I’m stunned (and humbled) that the first try went over sooooooo beautifully. Thanks  B I G  T I M E  to my client, Maria, for letting me try this!! I’m insanely excited that this tool can be used to receive clarity with real-world application. I’ll be trying this again with future sessions and current clients during my meditation time! Can’t wait! 😀


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