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Tarot for the Moment. Ace of Pentacles. New, fresh starts.

Card for the Moment! I shuffled my Goddess deck just for you (and us as a collective!) Focus on the messages of this card, and see how/if they improve your mood/day/perspective/being.


Ace of Pentacles: 

Image: A gold coin with a 5-pointed star enclosed in an open lotus, inside the center of a healthy, solid tree. The land has risen to meet you now. The Earth supports your endeavors. It’s time for that fresh start you’ve been considering, which will lead your mind out of its poverty-consciousness. Naturally, there is a re-vamp in interest of the material world—a desire to reap big results, with zest and vibrance. It is Spring, blooming into possibility. She says: try something different than before. Wear a bright color. Take a chance from a place of joy. The Path is clear and rich. March forward.



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