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Ace of Wands: Enterprise through Action

ImageToday, I did Sadie Nardini’s 20-minute yoga blast in the bright sunlight. During the yoga, colors filtered through me—orange, green, yellow, red—as the flow of breath cleared my chakra system. Afterwards I sat down with my cards. The Three of Pentacles fell out of the deck. “Hm,” I wondered. “That correlates kinda nicely with yesterday’s card, Ace of Pents.” But something felt off. I asked (for clarity): “Is this the message I’m supposed to share?” The voice in my mind that tends to answer such inquiries said, “No.” It was my ego, trying to prove some correlation, or story, based on yesterday’s pick.  I sat down, and drew my attention deeply inward. I saw a light flicker in my third eye, which signified a presence or spirit that I recognize as “Luna.” “Luna, is there a message to hear?” I continued asking, but to my ancestral line. “Grandpa Kim…?” His spec of light flickered beside Luna’s. “Grandma Martha, Granny Polly, is there a message to hear?” More lights popped on. I called upon my higher self, asking the same question: “Is there a specific message?” When I stopped shuffling, I pressed my forehead against the solid edge of the cards. Upon doing this, my legs trembled; it felt like my whole body was shuddering, but inward, which intensified the longer I kept the cards to my head.  After a few moments of going deeper into—and accepting—the intensity, “Ace of Wands” is what I heard and saw in my mind. Just to see, I opened my eyes, and pulled a random card from the center of the deck: sure enough, out of 78 cards, the card I pulled was the Ace of Wands. Image

Image: A single wooden staff, with little leaves beaming out, stands tall and strong in a field of grass. A BIG, bright sun illuminates both background and foreground. It is a time of enterprise. The giant sun spreads across all your endeavors, lifting them up with a force that was otherwise unimaginable. Think bigger. Think brighter. Take action! This card signifies a brand new day, a fresh start, the birth of a creative project that requires your attention and effort! Let the golden sun be your compass. Earth & Spirit are joining forces. Power colors: Red and orange.


*Images from Google: Tarot of The Old PathGoddess Deck, The Secret Tree Deck

*All interpretations of the cards are my own and should be weighed against/in tandem with your own intuition and knowledge. 


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