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Vicious Moods & The Writing (w. esoteric/metaphysical bent)

To my writers out there, I’ll share a technique I used the other day, when I was raging with anger and irritation: if you are angry, guide that anger (which is a wildly powerful energy) into your hands, and then into your computer, where you let your story merge with┬áreality. Punch out the words. Yell… Continue reading Vicious Moods & The Writing (w. esoteric/metaphysical bent)

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Spirit Likes to Dress Up (POEM)

Poem (the spirit likes to dress up) by Mary Oliver The spirit likes to dress up like this: ten fingers, ten toes, shoulders, and all the rest at night in the black branches, in the morning in the blue branches of the world. It could float, of course, but would rather plumb rough matter. Airy… Continue reading Spirit Likes to Dress Up (POEM)

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Life Narratives: Invite Some Sun

Life is a series of stories, and when I hear an old humdrum script, I can’t help but want to yell out:: write a better narrative. Please. For the love of yourself. With details you LIKE. Characters you ADMIRE. Heavenly serendipities & experiences you can’t wait to remember. For the love of yourself, imagine your… Continue reading Life Narratives: Invite Some Sun