Weinstein + The Sudden Support for Women

Why is the Harvey Weinstein story so addicting? I have read possibly every featured and recycled piece on the issue, including the statements from young actresses who detail their accounts with the movie mogul. Every time I watched footage from the Oscar’s afterparties showing pictures of women fawning over him, touching his arm and talking real close, I’d ask: Why. Why are beautiful and established women posing so close to his  body? Why do they always seem to be chumming up to him? In the photos, I clearly saw a power play. It didn’t sit well.

To hear these stories break about his routine of hotel scandals and twisted advances wasn’t a shock. To hear that women have kept quiet about it wasn’t a shock. To hear that his executives and assistants knew about it and did little to change the situation was fascinating, but not a shock.

The wave of “support” from A-list men and women praising those who came forward to publicly admit the abuse? That’s what floored me.

Is Hollywood finally taking a stand against this type of behavior? Are we, as citizens of this strange earth, finally holding men accountable for their abuse?

Or is the support born out of an opportunity for those who were reputably close to Weinstein to distance themselves from their former friend and insist upon their own innocence?

The twitter statements from celebrities and public figures seem like they were written by the same publicist. “We are disgusted… I had no idea… praise the brave women who have come forward… we must keep believing in women who come forward.”

The sentiment is a total shift from the reactions to Amber Heard when she revealed that her then-husband and long-time Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp physically abused her repeatedly over the course of their short marriage. People overwhelmingly defended Depp while accusing Heard of faking the charges to get fame and money. This was just a year ago.

What changed?



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