What’s Your Story?

Is it ready to burst out of you and electrify your audience? Do your words dance on the page? Does your writing persuade your readers to stay committed from page one to the credits?

Not sure? One-on-one coaching helps you clearly define your strengths as a writer as well as areas that could use improvement. It’s basically a writer’s workshop, but it’s just you and me getting up close and personal with your work. After reading samples and learning your specific goals, I prescribe customized lesson plans aimed at improving your craft. These lessons can be catered towards a project you are already working on, or they can be completely new prompts. One thing is for certain: you will grow. 

If you’re serious about making your novel, memoir, blog, or other writing material a better success and bigger priority, I invite you to explore personalized one-on-one coaching sessions.



+clear intentions & goals for your session

+a consistent writing schedule

+a focused mental space for creativity to flow to and from you 

+practical exercises to improve skill in specific ‘blind spots’ and beat procrastination

+customized resources to keep handy for future writing projects

+valuable individualized attention, helping advance your writing projects and grow your confidence for the result of delicious, vivid, & memorable writing.

AK Polished Pear 3.jpg

As your personal motivator, we enter an atmosphere of inspiration, receptivity, and discipline. You will learn to commit to your goals, so they can manifest as brilliantly as you first dreamed.  We transform ‘blocks’ with prescribed meditations and exercises that will foster an ongoing experience of creative freedom. After coaching, your future projects will seem more alive and fun. You will learn the allure of finding your own rhythm in the creative song.

If this sounds exactly like the antidote to getting those writing goals in check, or you’d like to discuss more, e-mail me at polishedpearcreativeediting@gmail.com with the subject “Coaching.” We’ll talk next steps and create a gameplan that is completely customizable to you.

Brainstorming Sessions

For those not quite ready to launch into full-on coaching mode, I offer a two-hour brainstorming session that helps lift ideas off the ground (or, out of your head).  I listen, and together we design an appropriate course of action to successfully rev you into gear so you can make great strides on your own. This is perfect for writers to get a taste of how helpful coaching is without the full commitment.

Editing Services

I edit manuscripts of all genres before they reach the publication stage. Ask me more about it, or visit the Editing page for info.

E-mail polishedpearcreativeediting@gmail.com with the subject “Coaching,” with any questions.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”  -Sylvia Plath


“So, a few weeks ago, I found a new editor. She’s awesome. With new eyes, she’s coming at the story from a completely different angle. She’s helping me breathe more life into the characters, primarily by focusing on the dialog. I feel a lot better about the manuscript now. I’ve actually fallen in love with it all over again. It should be ready to publish in a couple weeks.”  Author of Rachel’s Folly, Monica Bruno, from her blog, Runner Girl.

“I’ve experienced firsthand her contagious passion for writing, news, and networking. She is a whiz with words and undoubtedly helped shape my understanding of the craft. To this day, her fervor for encouraging my creativity and expression is a voice that sticks with me in all that I do. I recommend her for any position as a professor, teacher, free-lance writer, editor, and more.” –former employer in Public Affairs Office at SFASU, LinkedIn.


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