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tonight, i forget. tonight, i remember.

Sometimes I forget that I’m creative, that I came here, in a sea of traveling light that can illuminate even my darkest ideas. “What’s wrong with me?” is the mantra that has created elaborate worry. Illnesses in my head, potential threats and warlocks, taking over the healthy parts of my body. Making them dead. Dizzy… Continue reading tonight, i forget. tonight, i remember.

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GISHWHES: the aftermath. Team #QueHoraEs

Oh, no! It’s the Monday after GISHWHES and I’ve already reformed into the grumps and grief—complaining about the statement of my lazy apartment, who refuses to clean up after me, its [un]gracious host! But not last week. No. I let the mess mount into marvelous mounds of cat fur and worn clothing I’d stripped off… Continue reading GISHWHES: the aftermath. Team #QueHoraEs

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when using the power to destroy and deconstruct is productive

energy exists and needs an outlet. it is neutral, neither “good” or “bad” or “sad” or “happy” although I’d assert that some energy is more “dense” or “light” or “fast-moving” than others. the way we wield this energy is key: with it, (in the physical realm) we can choose to build or destroy. add to… Continue reading when using the power to destroy and deconstruct is productive