Pregnancy: 30 Weeks, Reflecting on Self, Ambition, Need

Lately, I am feeling absolved of ambition. And I don’t see this is a bad thing. It goes against the Western programming of Go, Get, Greed. I am not rejecting abundance, nor striving for it. I suppose, like a blossom, I open to the light that’s around me and close during harsh conditions. I am feeling more in tune with this rhythm, rather than forcing the bud to bloom.

Questions I’m asking myself during this time of reflection. Don’t mind the use of “We.” It’s true I’m carrying a baby. But that’s not the “we” I think I refer to when I speak to myself. Perhaps “we” is me and the holy spirit. Me and an acknowledged entanglement with divinity.

If my goal is to receive, should I also need to create?

What are we creating?

What are we offering?

What are we accepting?

What are we imbibing?

What are we ignoring?

What are we choosing?

What are we internalizing?

What are we projecting?

What are we manufacturing?

What are we protecting?

What are we serving?

What are we blessing?

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