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When your manuscript lands on a future publisher’s desk, it deserves to shine. And if you are skipping the whole traditional publishing route, then finding an editor you can trust and collaborate easily with is a BIG DEAL.

As an editor, I foremost want to know your intentions, inspiration, and the purpose behind your story so that I can do my best to align your writing with that vision.

I dig deep, with care and clear intentions, into the gray matter of your plot, characters, sentences, and flow. I provide sound suggestions that fit within the narrative that you’ve already created. I ask illuminating questions proven to enhance the clarity and readability of your story. And most importantly, I let YOU make the big decisions. It is your book; my edits are mere suggestions to accept, alter, or reject. My goal is to be a valuable guide in the process of making sure your story stands out from the stack. This means eliminating cliche language or imagery and shining a light on the hidden jewels (ideas, connections, word choices, etc) that will make the reading journey unforgettable.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” – Mark Twain

Types of Editing

Technical:  syntax, grammar, continuity, spacing >>> the bones, skin. 

Creative Content:  character, plot, tension, dialogue, pace, flow, voice, meter, intentions, misdirection, emotion, structure, clarity, pull >>> the belly, meat.  

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.” – Nathanial Hawthorne



“A fantastic aspect of working with Amanda on my materials is that, quite apart from her chops as an editor, she is a dream reader. She gets it. She gets these idiosyncratic works of mine with a careful, comprehensive attention that winks at the jokes, acknowledges subtexts, and knows without fail where to place an omitted comma. She gets the standard that I try to meet, and she gets the world view out of which I create.”   –Author of the Hidden Lands of Nod offbeat fantasy cycle, Robert Stikmanz. From his web site: www.robertstikmanz.com.

“My favorite aspect of working with Amanda is her investment. She took great care with my draft and could tell from what she read how important this was for me. She was very careful in her editing  and her constructive criticism was very important to the process. I found her notes and criticism overall enlightening and integral to finishing the book. Amanda is very easy to talk with and I feel we related to each other enough to make our working relationship so valuable and compatible. Because of our experience together, I now always look forward to what she has to say about my writing, something I find difficult to share with most people.”  –Arthur Richard, Author of forthcoming novel Nowhere, FL.

I gave Amanda the manuscript of my first attempt at fiction after the previous publication of two books of non-fiction. Ms. Kimmerly guided me through this new experience with professionalism and enthusiasm. She pointed me back to the big picture when I showed tunnel vision. Amanda showed me when to stop revising when I thought the book would never be finished. Amanda is great with word choice, grammar, diction, and the direction of the manuscript, that is, with the plot and sub-plot, but I believe she is best at character relationships. She watched  for the development of the relationships of characters through their first encounters to their last.” –Gary Laine, Author of civil war period books and forthcoming fiction, A Saddletrip Across Texas.

“I’ve experienced firsthand her contagious passion for writing, news, and networking. She is a whiz with words and undoubtably helped shape my understanding of the craft. To this day, her fervor for encouraging my creativity and expression is a voice that sticks with me in all that I do. I recommend her for any position as a professor, teacher, free-lance writer, editor, and more.” –LinkedIn recommendations.

Questions?  E-mail polishedpearcreativeediting@gmail.com with “Editing” as the subject.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Editing Services

    1. Hi, there! Just now seeing this, I apologize! Editing is based on what is needed from me—if it’s strictly technical editing, or content-based, or both. I edit a variety of different writing styles, genres and projects. What is it that you’ve been working on? I’d love to speak with you more about this via email. Kimmerlyaj@gmail.com is where you can find me. Thank you and all best! xo.

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