“A fantastic aspect of working with Amanda on my materials is that, quite apart from her chops as an editor, she is a dream reader. She gets it. She gets these idiosyncratic works of mine with a careful, comprehensive attention that winks at the jokes, acknowledges subtexts, and knows without fail where to place an omitted comma. She gets the standard that I try to meet, and she gets the world view out of which I create.”   –Author of the Hidden Lands of Nod offbeat fantasy cycle, Robert Stikmanz. (From his website.)

booksthankslove“My favorite aspect of working with Amanda is her investment. She took great care with my draft and could tell from what she read how important this was for me. She was very careful in her editing  and her constructive criticism was very important to the process. I found her notes and criticism overall enlightening and integral to finishing the book. Amanda is very easy to talk with and I feel we related to each other enough to make our working relationship so valuable and compatible. Because of our experience together, I now always look forward to what she has to say about my writing, something I find difficult to share with most people.”  –Arthur Richard, Author of forthcoming novel Nowhere, FL.

“I gave Amanda the manuscript of my first attempt at fiction after the previous publication of two books of non-fiction. Ms. Kimmerly guided me through this new experience with professionalism and enthusiasm. She pointed me back to the big picture when I showed tunnel vision. Amanda showed me when to stop revising when I thought the book would never be finished. Amanda is great with word choice, grammar, diction, and the direction of the manuscript, that is, with the plot and sub-plot, but I believe she is best at character relationships. She watched  for the development of the relationships of characters through their first encounters to their last.” –Gary Laine, Author of civil war period books and forthcoming fiction, A Saddletrip Across Texas.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.13.19 PM
from YouEarnedIt

“I’ve experienced firsthand her contagious passion for writing, news, and networking. She is a whiz with words and undoubtedly helped shape my understanding of the craft. To this day, her fervor for encouraging my creativity and expression is a voice that sticks with me in all that I do. I recommend her for any position as a professor, teacher, free-lance writer, editor, and more.” –Journalism Professor at SFASU, LinkedIn recommendations.

“So, a few weeks ago, I found a new editor. She’s awesome. With new eyes, she’s coming at the story from a completely different angle. She’s helping me breathe more life into the characters, primarily by focusing on the dialog. I feel a lot better about the manuscript now. I’ve actually fallen in love with it all over again. It should be ready to publish in a couple weeks….

I know there are a lot of writers who do not like to use editors. But working with the right editor is an absolute must for me. An editor can’t write a novel for you, only you know the story in your head. But a good editor can help you tell your story in a better way. And a great editor can ask the right questions to help you uncover things you never knew you had in you. They can see your blind spots and can help you build the bones and expose the soul of your story.”  Author of Rachel’s Folly, Monica Bruno, from her blog, Runner Girl.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.16.54 PM

“Wow! You have no idea how happy this [story edits] made me! I’m going to get to work immediately and freshen this lil guy up. Thank you so much!” – Tyler Lutz, sci-fi storyteller.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.09.56 PM

Amanda is an amazing spirit! She is my creative writing coach, sounding board (at times) and someone I consider most importantly a friend. — Anthony Abron of UrbanIntoxic.

“I originally met Amanda at the ‘Staple’ event several years ago when she was in her early 20s.  ‘Staple’ is an annual independent alternative press expo held annually in Austin, Texas.   I was impressed with her immediately because she seemed smart and ambitious.  As a recent college graduate, she was already doing some professional editing.  Several years later, when I was working on my book, I told Amanda that when I was done, that I would like to use her services.  I love to write and have no trouble expressing myself on paper, but as any good writer knows, some objective eyes are definitely needed to help with clean up.   I had a friend of mine do some initial edits and then I asked Amanda if she could do more final edits.  I was a little nervous about my decision, since I hoped that she would do a good job for me. As it turned out, Amanda did an excellent job.  She used the Comment Feature of Word, wherein she indicated her suggested changes, as well as some suggestions on some areas that needed more elaboration for clarity.  Her price was reasonable, and she did work quickly and thoroughly.   As I was incorporating her edits and suggestions, I could feel my book continuously improving.  I also feel confident that I will use her services again for future books.” –Marsha Brandsdorfer, author of The Accidental Secretary and a forthcoming self-help guide to smart job-hunting.

“After completing a 23-year dream of bicycling across the country, capturing memories through writing became incredibly important to me. Writing was a new way to express life experiences. Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Amanda. The past year has been full of growth and awareness as a result of working with her on my creative non-fiction work. She creates a safe space for me to try new things and holds me accountable to agreed upon writing goals. I am fortunate she is part of my writing experience and would highly recommend her to someone interested in substantial growth while on their own writing journey!” –Jessica Lawrence, cyclist, speaker, and renowned health education specialist of Cairn Guidance.

“Amanda is the type of person you would totally want to encounter in life, not just in the workplace… but that worked out pretty great too! Perhaps randomly on the street or the happenstance of a small yet personable exchange while grabbing coffee. She would be the one inspiring your day with a hello and a kind smile. She is smart, insightful, and positive. Always open to the possibility to learn and grow through new experiences whether at work or in life. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her just shy of two years and in that time her impact was lasting. Above all, I was impressed with Amanda’s ability to run with a topic and speak from a perspective that not only applies depth to it with practical application but insight into verticals of possibility that parallel it. And, of course, her personality and upbeat nature would be a true asset for any position she set out to retain. Her future is bright and will always come with my heartfelt recommendation.” – Candace Carlisle, Graphic Designer and Creative Director

“Amanda Kimmerly is the total package for taking care of your book editing needs. Not only does she do the editing and grammar but she will work with you to enhance your characters and add the subtleties to your book that help bring it to life. She is easy to work with and very efficient. I plan on having her help me with the next part of my trilogy.” – Douglas Barker, author of Zacharias

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