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Proper Use of Space


This space will now be used for what it properly is: a blog.  I resisted at first, wanting only to have a destination site, but I realize that there’s much to say on writing and the life that spawns it.  

“You should write, first of all, to please yourself. You shouldn’t care a damn about anybody else at all. But writing can’t be a way of life— the important part of writing is living. You have to live in such a way that your writing emerges from it.”  – Doris Lessing.

Please take a moment to read today’s inspiration.

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6 thoughts on “Proper Use of Space

  1. fantastic narrative structure, the way one point leads to the next. Wish I thought of that. I like your holistic approach to writer coaching. I can identify with your process of personal refinement to focus on essentials and efficiency.
    also, I loved Peaceful Warrior (the book more than the movie), and liked the sequel. now considering this new book. I’m a 32/5, which is amazingly accurate.

    1. That’s awesome. Expression, cooperation, and freedom! 5 is a powerful number. Lots of celebs have it, like Tom Cruise. Usually it’s people who break the mold they’ve set for themselves, or have had set for them by others/organizations, so they can move onto new patterns of behavior. In Tarot, 5s can be the chaos before the calm! It moves independently, and sometimes destructively, but also for the purpose of achieving freedom. I am starting to understand freedom in a different way than I used to. I used to associate it more with physical freedoms (freedom from pain, freedom of movement in relationships, freedom of expression, freedom marches). Now, I see freedom as more of a consciousness that the mind moves into (and away from, when in fear). Mental freedom, I suppose. The mind, then, can create freedom in realms of the emotional and physical, and go on to truly encourage freedom in others. That is a concept that used to frighten me, and sort of still does, because encouraging others to be free means relenting control on desired outcomes. True freedom lies outside of this control, however, and is also where Love lives. I’m sure you’ve had interesting awakenings being a 32/5. Seems like the 3 and 2 are encouraging you to creatively express what freedom is in your life, perhaps with cooperation from others, or to impact others. It could also mean to express and cooperate with your own sense of freedom! Each solar year, we move into a different numeric frequency. Since you were born in 5, then the following year would be a 6, at age three, it’d be a 7, age four an 8, age five a 9, and age ten you’d start over at 1, and continue on that way. These subtle frequencies of the year allows you to focus on and integrate the insights of those areas into your life. Right now, I’m in a year 7. It’s all about trust. The last time I was in a year 7, I was 16. Some of the exact issues around trust I had then are popping up for me now, so I may learn to think of them differently, and heal any illusions surrounding the nature of 7 energies. I really love Dan Millman’s book that I mentioned in my newsletter. It goes way into depth about your birth path and includes different Universal Laws that will help you on your journey. For mine, a 36/9, the Law of Flexibility and Law of Action are powerful lessons to learn. Your main ones would be different, obviously. But, ALL the Laws are helpful, especially since we cycle through all the numbers many times in a lifetime.

  2. addendum: this is the first time when a spiritualist type says something like “You are very much loved by this little lady” that it didn’t sound hokey, fake or delusional to me. I actually believe you mean it. so much love exudes from your posting. I wonder if I’d feel the same if we had not met in person. so well written!

    1. Thanks, Sean! Just now saw this. 🙂 I appreciate your feedback. I hope you’d feel the same had we not met in person! Honesty and authenticity is something I strive to nourish in my life. So, thank you.

  3. What you say of my 5/32 is also accurate. Although I disagree with Scientology, I adore Tom Cruise as an actor and person of integrity.
    Looks like we are at different points on very similar– though not identical– paths.
    Freedom and psychology (and flexibility) have been central and recurring themes in my life, too. Much of my writing deals with related issues. “creatively express what freedom is in your life” has become my life’s mission. “because encouraging others to be free means relenting control on desired outcomes” has been a struggle I continually strive to reconcile. Because, as you say, “True freedom lies outside of this control.” Considering I’m a Leo, it’s not easy. But has become a point of pride in achieving that self discipline.
    5 and 23 have been relevant numbers to me since my late teens, when I discovered Discordianism, through the book Illuminatus!.
    “a consciousness that the mind moves into”… Your revelations about freedom resemble my own– except for “and away from, when in fear”. Had never thought of freedom as mindset moving away from fear. What you say makes a lot of sense.
    Most people think of freedom (if they bother at all) as some singular, ill-defined concept. But it is a vast realm of possibility, interpretation and application. Freedom from, AND freedom to.
    It is not enough to move from bad, but move TO good.
    I’m curious about how ” Each solar year, we move into a different numeric frequency.” But no spoilers. Let me read the book. 🙂
    As an amateur psychologist, I’ve long been fascinated by personality indicators like Myers Briggs and Enneagram and I Ching and Celestine Prophecy and Nod’s Way. I tried investigating Tarot once, but it is so intricate that it will take more time than I’m willing to invest to properly understand.

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