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The Opportunity in Rejection

Rejection is fuel for opportunity; it’ll toughen you up, so that your faith in achievement no longer relies on the acceptance of naysayers.  It relies on you, writing from a place that’s real.


4 thoughts on “The Opportunity in Rejection

  1. if I understand your meaning– and I’m not sure I do, we don’t need, and shouldn’t wait for, permission to write/create. nor approval from others. especially not from gatekeepers or ciritics incapable of compl_i_menting or compl_e_menting your voice. be secure with faith in your voice, not in others’ opinions.

    1. Yes. It’s about finding clarity of worth through your own means, and not the means (or opinions) of others. Critics are helpful in that they can point out what might not be working in our craft. But just because something isn’t working doesn’t mean we are inherently flawed people/writers/creators. It’s easy to shift worth externally, especially when you’re submitting work to magazines who hold the fate of your being published with them. This post is just a reminder to keep your worth contained, despite rejection or acceptance from anyone else.

      1. great point. someone liking your work doesn’t make it good, any more than someone hating your work makes it bad. eye of the beholder and such. acceptance isn’t always a good thing– depending on who accepts. also, why should we respect the opinion of our work from people we don’t respect or whose taste we disagree with? should we desire to be published or accepted indiscriminately?

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