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Life Narratives: Invite Some Sun

Life is a series of stories, and when I hear an old humdrum script, I can’t help but want to yell out:: write a better narrative.

Please. For the love of yourself. With details you LIKE. Characters you ADMIRE. Heavenly serendipities & experiences you can’t wait to remember.

For the love of yourself, imagine your soul magnetic to luck, a free unlocked heart, a body that keeps you warm and wild and radiant. Expect your loves to last, and your children to grow up passionately. For grace to find all of you humble and alive with risk. I assure you, there is space in this story for goodness. Enough experience of beauty to plant and share and multiply.

Please. Write yourself happy. Write each other happy. I will write you happy, too.


2 thoughts on “Life Narratives: Invite Some Sun

  1. so much YES to this. one of my pet peeves is narratives ruined by a dictate of ruination. gratuitous debauchery and suffering and failure passing as narrative. this is wrongly believed to be realistic and gritty. story consisting of a series of bad things (the unholy and deplorable edict of “conflict”)… characters messing things up or having messed up things happen to them. because of reasons. contrarily, my stories tend to be good people doing good things and recieving good things. conflict is not required. and we should not define ourselves by our mistakes. “To err is human”? what story does that tell about us?

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