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Vicious Moods & The Writing (w. esoteric/metaphysical bent)

To my writers out there, I’ll share a technique I used the other day, when I was raging with anger and irritation: if you are angry, guide that anger (which is a wildly powerful energy) into your hands, and then into your computer, where you let your story merge with reality. Punch out the words. Yell out your meanings. Set fire to something your character cares about. If it’s sadness you are dwelling inside of, make your words sigh with you. Let that energy break up inside of you, as you paint all the clouds in your setting a charcoal gray. When I did this, my entire being transformed. Since I used the anger, I was no longer angry. It was a miracle. During the writing session, when I was pounding away at the perceived issues and my irritation of humankind, I naturally asked myself, “Well, what’s the solution here?” I started pouring my energy into that arena, asking, “How can we resolve this? If this is the ‘wrong’ (or, ‘limiting’) way, then what is a ‘better’ (or, ‘freeing’) way?” The energy transformed from destructive to creative… I started to see the possibility at the root of this unbearable emotion.

It was beautiful, and I was free to move on.



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