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Reading as Awareness, not Escape: an aside.

I never bought into the idea that reading was an escape. Sure, you go somewhere and visit with new characters, get “lost” in worlds and made-up dramas. But ultimately (as all things do) it just brings you closer to yourself. True escapism, in my book, would be reading for the sake of falling into a coma: a story with only heroes, love that is not a mystery, a sentence with no music. Even then, the truth of you sneaks up like a spring flower.

And, God, how we’re better for it.



One thought on “Reading as Awareness, not Escape: an aside.

  1. Every time I hear someone say that, I think: You’re doing it wrong.
    It trivializes the story, belittles the story telling, invalidates the audience experience. Implies that stories are merely for passing time. We are not escaping, we are traveling, exploring, adventuring. We are not leaving the real world (for the sake of leaving the real world), we are entering an imaginary world. The difference may be subtle, but significant. As in running to, instead of away.

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