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The Time I called my Boyfriend “Daughter”


When trying to be cute and unexpected ends up with you calling your boyfriend “daughter.”

Yep. (See picture to the right).

I thought “chorri” meant bird in Nepali, his native tongue.

Bird is what we call each other. Sometimes bug. Sometimes tree. Whatever flies out of our mouths. But, daughter?

That’s not in my league of comfortable pet names! (Nor his, thank God…Ha)

Let my language dud here be a lesson for your FICTION!

Dialogue between characters = a fun tool for playing with language.

Miscommunication, in particular, is one of my ultimate joys (in writing, not life, but sometimes life…). It’s what causes unnecessary outbursts and drama and can intensify tension or humor (or any effect) within the scene. (Just think Gossip Girl, and other teen dramas that make you scream at the TV, because a character interpreted someone else’s words the wrong way! Shit blows up, the character storms off… and the truth—((that they madly love each other, duh))—isn’t revealed until 10 episodes of sabotage later!!)

Try using miscommunication in dialogue to create the following:

  • an awkward moment between characters
  • a hilarious moment that eases awkwardness
  • a moment that causes panic
  • a moment that creates false hope


p.s. the Nepali word for “bird” is carā. …I think. I’ll have to test it out. :

XOXO (homage to GG). 😉


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