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Unleash Your Magnitude; Inspire.

In Susie Augustin’s book, Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens, contributing writer Janée Dana asks two important questions when it comes between you and your desired success, “What do I have to lose?” and “Why not me?”

“Why not me?” is such a powerful question. Why not me, she asked, in relation to being someone she looked up to? Why not me, with the cozy house and fat bank account? Why not me with the life of passion and creative opportunities? Why not me, leading the life I dare to dream?

When I start to cower from the realities I truly want, due to whatever belief about myself that says I don’t deserve it, or I’m not good enough for that, I ask myself the same liberating question, “Why not me?”


Do you admire yourself? What qualities about yourself do you already love? Are there qualities in others that you wish you had, too?

In a journal, word document, or even online in a Pinterest Board, find 5 people in history, or in current time, that you truly admire. Write down three characteristics they embody that inspires you. These people can be famous or people you know, but make sure they are people who CURRENTLY inspire you—not just old favorites, or those you feel obligated to write down; no one but you is seeing this list! Think big on this one, and write down the first 5 people who come to mind.

It just so happens that everyone my list happens to be dead! Eep! But their spirits live on!! Here’s how:

1. Joan Rivers: Unabashed, Honest, Playful

2. Eleanor Roosevelt: Strength, Fierceness, Wisdom

3. Gandhi: Compassion, Integrity, Perseverance

4. Marilyn Monroe: Unafraid of her own beauty, Giant smile, Softness

5. Steve Jobs: Innovator, Vision, Creativity

Here is my “INSPIRATORS” Pinterest Board. “Inspirator: conspirators in inspiration.” 😉

Now, find a picture of yourself that you like.

List these qualities you admire somewhere on the or near the picture.


Write out your full name with it:

Amanda Joyce Kimmerly with the ideas that set fire to honest innovation, unabashed beauty, fierce compassion and integrity. Her wisdom perseveres into vision. With a playful, great smile that can make even the hardest hearts soft.

“Why not Amanda Joyce Kimmerly?” Why not you!

Let the qualities buzz around inside of you. Give them a home in your heart. See your admirers admiring YOU. Joan Rivers, flipping you the bird with a smile. Eleanor Roosevelt, giving you a strong, sturdy smile. Gandhi laughing with you. Steve Jobs being illuminated by an idea you have. Marilyn Monroe blowing you a kiss.


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