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Stress Ode

OOOoh, Stress. How my life feels like an ode, worshiping the very ground you stomp on. How I’ve invited you in like the friend who says, “Let’s get drinks!” but never has money to pay the bill. (Okay, I don’t have friends like that). But IF I DID, YOU WOULD BE THAT KIND OF FRIEND.

I’d hate myself for saying, “Yes!”, forgetting your lameness momentarily.

I’d resent you for being so needy, and me, for needing more than I want.


Can’t you see how loved you are? You accompany me to every party, business conversation, my dreams!

How did you grow so popular?

When you’re not around, it’s like I don’t know what to do with myself.

My mind goes searching for you, refreshing my inbox, waiting for your word on what choices I should make.

Telling the base of my being when to fly or fight.

You show up, and I am healed from all self-direction.

Whew! The responsibility of that!

In your presence, my mind is too full to think.

And it’s easy.

Not thinking.

It’s easy saying “Yes” to that drink.

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