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25 Affirmations For a Healthier Writing Career

  1. The past does not define my present. It does not define my future. My current mindset and belief defines it. And right now, I believe abundance is available to me.
  2. I believe I am creative and purposeful.
  3. My words carry impact and ignite powerful responses from the people who need to read them.
  4. My words evoke powerful change in people, because of how connected they feel, and how inspired they are by my work and story.
  5. I write meaningful sentences.
  6. I create fresh, new images and connections in my writing.
  7. My voice is refined and relatable.
  8. I meet with the right people who will inspire me to continue pursuing my dreams.
  9. I read the right books by authors whose words incite meaning into my life.
  10. I keep my mind focused on the possibilities before me, seeing setbacks as opportunities to overcome and push through with faith and determination.
  11. Nothing holds me back, not even myself, because I am trained to push forward.
  12. The Universe provides the right tools at just the right time to keep me pushing forward.
  13. I have thoughts that deserve expression, thoughts that are new and exciting to others.
  14. I study the works of those who have come before me, as well as my contemporaries, because it keeps me fresh.
  15. I support fellow authors who are doing the best they can; I do not stoop to careless judgement or attack, knowing it is futile and fear-based.
  16. I accept that there are so many stories in this world; I accept that mine has a place within this world, too.
  17. Writing is delicious to me.
  18. I write words that make me excited after reading them over.
  19. I believe in the creative spirit that guides me along the way, and I listen effortlessly to its voice.
  20. I am in tune with artistic expression, adjusting my frequency to be a clear channel for receiving and producing.
  21. Publishers are eager to publish my work.
  22. I don’t have to fear getting tossed around by the publishing industry; I conduct my business powerfully and only attract those who believe in my work, see my worth, and are willing to pay for it.
  23. I release the fear of judgement and being seen; being seen is easy, and it is what my soul truly desires.
  24. I dump any negative thoughts that creep into my mind; I do this as soon as they enter my awareness.
  25. I forgive myself for doubting myself due to whatever excuse I hold tightly to; I forgive myself, and I return back to the belief that life is loving and giving, and that the inspiration that led me to write these words have merit now and forever.

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