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Today is my Father’s Birthday and I am Celebrating

Today is my father’s birthday.

Today I am cooking Lentil Soup and feeding friends, the way my father BBQs every weekend for his many neighbors.

Today I am wearing a Washington, D.C. Pentagon t-shirt, honoring my father’s many trips around the world, in combat and leading soldiers, to serve and protect this country.

Today I act boldly and reasonably with confidence and self-control while discussing finances and payment earned with employers and clients.

Today I exhibit integrity and responsibility, picking up after myself, shutting off the lights when I leave a room, not carelessly running AC, and locking the door of someone else’s home, out of respect and generosity.

Today I sit up straight and stand up tall.

Today I work hard, with purpose and direction, not slacking or avoiding what’s in front of me.

Today, I prioritize wisely and delegate.

Today I greet my partner with love and kindness when the work day is done.

Today I listen and ask pointed questions.

Today I pay attention to the world around me, easily discerning the truth and discarding what’s false.

Today I drive carefully and with plenty of gas.

Today I do what’s right, even if it’s hard.

Today is my father’s birthday, and I am his daughter, living as he does.






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