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Convergence of Beliefs, Theories

I am witnessing a miracle: the convergence of philosophies and religious beliefs from those who have previously lived in opposition to one another. It’s being reflected in the stars (eclipses and blood moons falling on Jewish high holy days, fulfilling Christian prophecies), in the overlapping of Jewish and Christian holidays (Hanukkah starts on Christmas eve at sundown this year). I don’t believe this is the first time the overlaps have occurred. But, it’s symbolic of an opportunity standing before us — to have peace and converge into oneness. We live under the same stars, the same moon, the same sky. We share the same air, water, and earth. There are no borders but the borders in our minds. I pray for the Middle East. I pray for Israel. I pray for each one of us to step into our faith and give ourselves over to our higher selves. I pray for Muslim believers. I pray for Buddhists (although, I do think they are doing some of best work at practicing peace). I pray for sufis. I pray for Christians. I pray for those who are destined to become mystics, which seems like all of us if we let ourselves un-become and become again. I continue praying for my Jewish friends and for people of all faiths, even those who put their faith mostly in the visible world. I pray for each individual’s spirit to wake up, seek its source (light), and connect with that daily, for then we will not see ourselves as “Christian” or “Muslim” or “Jew” — we will experience ourselves and each other through a mind that cannot be defined by symbols. I pray for this return to awareness of What Is now.

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