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When there’s no light, improvise.

When the power shuts off, what do you do?




Or do you brighten the room with soft, moody candlelight?


Today there’s no threat of storms. California is sunny for miles.

But, in my daily life—the rise & grind life—it seems the room can easily go dark.


When problems show up and things don’t instantly go your way, what do you do?






Or do you resort to the practical?

Do you reach for light?


Be easy on yourselves through the mental storms.

They might dim the room, but they can open your eyes.

They can show you that you’re in charge of your response.

You can see it as a gift: a time to bask in a softer glow

before the power comes back. Before you realize

the power is your own mind making fires where there were none.


I want to be with this gentle light.

The one that courageously burns in the dark.

The one that offers a new look in how you perceive the room.

The one that lets you take in small inches of space at a time.


Through the storms, I want to be as gentle with myself as candlelight.


























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