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‘Christian Mommy Blogger,’ Oprah, Light

I forget that Glennon Doyle Melton wrote a book about overcoming an eating disorder—Love Warrior—that punched me to the core. I forget because I follow her Instagram, and she’s always shouting LOVE from the highest and smallest of places. And love is louder than sickness.

To me, it’s an accomplishment when the past does not shadow your present, even in other people’s remembrance of you.

In major news articles, she’s been titled a “Christian Mommy Blogger” even though she is a #1 bestselling author. When Glennon married Abby Wambach, headlines read, “Retired Soccer Star Abby Wambach Marries Christian Mommy Blogger.” Abby Wambach has poked fun at the matter, sporting a “Christian Mommy Blogger’s Wife” hoodie. And since, that article in People has changed their headline to read “Bestselling Author Glennon Doyle Melton.”

Today Instagram tells me that Glennon is visiting Alaska with Abby and her two kids. And Oprah.

I thought about commenting, “Oooh, now can we start referring to you as ‘Oprah’s friend, Glennon?’” because that is what I’d want. Oprah’s friend, [my name].

For one of my day jobs, I write resumes and have to categorize and title people all the time. Brand Builder. Marketing Expert. C-Level Executive. People Leader. You can tell that these tiny headlines bolster the client’s confidence. The titles distill years worth of effort, grit, sweat, trials, and triumphs into neat, two-word monikers that say, “Here, this is what I am. This is where I excel.” They don’t mention the years of impossible bosses. They don’t mention laying off employees because of budget cuts, or reworking budgets to keep as many employees on for as long as they could. They don’t mention how confusing it was to switch from traditional platforms to digital or how they thought some 20-year-old would come in and steal their job, so they took night classes after 12-hour days just to catch up. 95% of these people are some of the most driven individuals I’ve met. They are CEOs, directors, founders, and managers of major corporations, and it took giving them a made-up title to open their eyes a little wider to their worth.

“Christian Mommy Blogger” sounds like a whiny crybaby, not someone who has fought hard to stand up and step out of her own shadow. And while whining and crying certainly happen, “Christian Mommy Blogger” seems like the dollhouse version of what Glennon actually is: a staunch advocate for love. I don’t believe love needs defending, or that love can’t exist without war. I believe love needs persistence, and that you have to pour love over everything that isn’t love so that it squelches your own inner fight of “Am I enough?” and bleeds onto others to let you know they are enough, too. Love is an active surrender to light. Surrendering to light lets you become light, see light, glow with light. Light attracts light.

This is all to say: Oprah, let’s be friends.








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