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How to Think About Fire

Fires all around in Southern California. My thought was, “Wow, we don’t even need the threat of nuclear devastation — we have these fires!” But, that isn’t right-minded either. I am doing my best to practice forgiveness in this moment, remembering that all I see outside of me is an effect, not a cause. My mind is finding it hard to push into prayer mode because it’s stuck on the details. But, I can release my need to be right, my need to be scared, my need to be withdrawn. I can release that and allow the truth to gently come. I allow it now, soft as a whisper.

When you are still, what voice is speaking? Is it the Holy Spirit? Is it your fear? Is the goal of meditation to silence all thoughts? Or to silence your cyclical thoughts and let a holy thought prevail?

When I am still, I hear “I am One.”

I see myself dancing in the rain. In the middle of a street, cool rainwater tapping my skin. I see my hair wet, my coat glistening. My arms up and feet moving. It’s dark outside. Red fires blaze beyond the highway. But, I am focused on this flow of rain. This joyful rain. A thirsty body that gets a good drench.

I am washed in rain. The lungs of those nearby are washed in rain. The ground is washed in rain. Our defeat washed in rain. Our minds whole again.








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