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29th Degree in Astrology

Any astrology buffs in here? I was experiencing a couple of emotionally frustrating days, so I decided to check out some things in The Stars. Mercury turned direct again, but it’s still in a shadow period where its energies are kind of clicking back into gear, sometimes with a few scary screeches. An article I… Continue reading 29th Degree in Astrology

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Vicious Moods & The Writing (w. esoteric/metaphysical bent)

When I am feeling unwound and poured open, I like to fill myself with worthy things. A poem with words that ooze with meaning. A book on spirit. Quotes and breath and clean air. This is a time for such behavior, being a Pisces Sun + Cancer Moon, two feminine goddesses of oceanic depths. Today,… Continue reading Vicious Moods & The Writing (w. esoteric/metaphysical bent)

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North Node – Determining Path

My friend over at Period Panties, Lauren Suzanne, reminded me of the significance of the North Node in astrology. It’s one that often gets buried within the more technical parts of astrology, since it’s not a planet.  It tells us the “what” of ourselves—what we’re called to do, what lessons we’re being taught—rather than the… Continue reading North Node – Determining Path