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North Node – Determining Path

My friend over at Period Panties, Lauren Suzanne, reminded me of the significance of the North Node in astrology. It’s one that often gets buried within the more technical parts of astrology, since it’s not a planet.  It tells us the “what” of ourselves—what we’re called to do, what lessons we’re being taught—rather than the “who” or “why” or “how” of our beings.

In Vedic astrology, North Node is called “Rahu.” It determines what aspects, assignments and characteristics you’ll integrate into your path within this lifetime.  The South Node, or “Ketu,” determines what you’ve already lived through, and what you bring into this lifetime, already knowing.

Many sites will tell you what planet your North Node is in, but they skip the information of the HOUSE, which is equally significant.  Two of my favorite sites, and, deliver both.

My North Node (Rahu) is Pisces, in the 10th house.

My South Node (Ketu) is Virgo, in the 4th house.

From this, I can ascertain that: in this lifetime, where I cultivate Pisces energies, I will need to shed some of my fears and ideas of perfectionism that came into play with the Virgo energies of my past.  It’s a time for complete transformation and divine guidance.  A time to be a voice for artistic expression, and let my ego dissolve. Because Rahu is in the 10th house, I can see how the Pisces energies might “play out” in this lifetime.  The houses are the specific lessons that the energy funnels into.  The 10th House in astrology is tied to the desire for success, recognition, awards, ambition.  It is associated with Capricorn, the business-people of the zodiac.  Now, looking at the Pisces energy—which says to be less ego, more authentic self—it’s important to take a look at underlying motives.  Am I doing this [job, activity, deed] for recognition?  Or am I doing it because my heart calls out for it?  The 10th House, while associated with success, does not guarantee success.  What’s more important is how I use what I’m meant to integrate—to always choose and be led by the heart of matters, that Pisces energy of fluid movement, intuition, and creative enterprise.

We can look to see if there are any other planets in the house that seats your Rahu.  In mine, Mars shares the spotlight. My Mars is also in Pisces.  Mars, like the 10th House qualities, is the energy of ambition, drive, and action.  To have Mars in the 10th House is a pretty great aspect, because it can often means that your movement and action can make a deep impact.  However, that Pisces flavor shows that the impact might be more spiritual, peacekeeping, or gentler than if my Mars was in another sign, like its hard-hitting ruler, Aries.

So now, just from my Rahu, Ketu, and Mars, I can see a pattern.  Obviously, I’m supposed to follow my artistic side, and be an open channel.  This might be of some influence in the world around me, given the aspects—but that is not the aim.  The aim is to dissolve the ego, in favor of authentic inspiration.  I will probably use this in, or make this my business completely, since the 10th House is so prominent.

It’s what I’m already doing, by nature:  taking editing (Virgo energy) to the level of intuition (Pisces energy).  Incorporating meditation and healing techniques into the practical tips I offer for the clients I coach.

Using the North Node and South Node can be helpful in affirming the choices you’ve made (or want to make), along with the assumptions and hunches you’ve had about yourself.  I don’t think it’s necessary to try to create a logical map that marries the two, especially if you are confused about where you want to go in life.  The best navigational system, in my experience, is your emotions.  Does life feel boring, as though you are stuck doing the same things?  You might have fallen in to a Ketu trap, where you aren’t embracing the newer energies of Rahu, because they are foreign, or it means moving into something less predictable.  That’s when you could read the Rahu energies, and see if any of its characteristics stand out, or inspire you into new thinking or action.  For instance, with mine, I’ve always been drawn to art and creating (and have done so since a child), but never felt much like a proper “artist,” since I’ve never been trained.  What I’m discovering now, though, is that it’s not the training, it’s the spirit that makes one an artist.  And after years of shying away from that word, I’m not afraid to call myself that now, because it’s what I am and what I have chosen to embrace in this lifetime.  It’s even more a comfort to know it’s written in the stars and (lunar nodes).

To read more about your North and South nodes, here is a great interpretation:

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