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Labels: Wisdom by Wayne Dyer

“Make an effort to remove all labels that you’ve placed on yourself. Labels serve to negate you. You must ultimately live up to the label rather than being the limitless spirit that is your true essence. You’re not an American, an Italian, or an African. You’re a member of one race, the human race. You’re… Continue reading Labels: Wisdom by Wayne Dyer

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on editing: a seafield.

on editing: getting started is the hardest part. because it’s work, and the work is deep and exhausting. but, once I’m in it, in the rich and tender heart of someone else’s storm, i feel so calm and purposeful, directed. like a quiet ship that’s wading through with a white flag that says, “not to… Continue reading on editing: a seafield.

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On working with Monica Bruno, for her debut novel RACHEL’S FOLLY

 One of the beauties of working with author Monica Bruno on the final drafts of her first novel, RACHEL’S FOLLY, is how brave she was in allowing me to do what writers secretly fear of their editors: she encouraged me to uncover, explore, dig deep between the pages, to ask the terrifying questions that would… Continue reading On working with Monica Bruno, for her debut novel RACHEL’S FOLLY

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About Me – Revisions, Because I Edit Things

Thanks to advice from fellow blogger Daniel Dow, I realized I was skimping y’all on my “About Me” page!  Can you believe I didn’t even have a photo of myself for any unsuspecting visitor to judge?! 😛 (Jk, Jk…heh).  Hopefully what’s there now provides better insight on my background in editing, writing, and why I… Continue reading About Me – Revisions, Because I Edit Things

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Writing from the Pulse

“Only write from your own passion, your own truth. That’s the only thing you really know about, and anything else leads you away from the pulse.” ― Marianne Williamson Coming from a woman who’s authored over a dozen books, I’d say she’s onto something.  If you feel pressure to conform to what is currently popular, come… Continue reading Writing from the Pulse