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About Me – Revisions, Because I Edit Things

Thanks to advice from fellow blogger Daniel Dow, I realized I was skimping y’all on my “About Me” page!  Can you believe I didn’t even have a photo of myself for any unsuspecting visitor to judge?! 😛 (Jk, Jk…heh).  Hopefully what’s there now provides better insight on my background in editing, writing, and why I feel compelled to help others activate the parts of themselves [and their manuscripts] that lead to gutsy, evocative books.  Thank you for reading and following my page!

Here’s the Director’s Cut:

Why is Amanda qualified to edit your writing?  First of all, she’s passionate about stories and the imprint words can leave on one’s being.  She considers the written language as a clever puzzle orchestrated to make the deepest impression possible.  As a shy kid who moved every three years due to a military upbringing, books were her only consistent friend.  She learned to love them and identify the patterns of how some stories kept her attention, and others did not.  What she learned intuitively through this process was sharpened even more through her years studying fiction and poetry under professors John and Christine McDermott, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Journalism from Stephen F. Austin State University.  This is where she learned the terms of her instincts about writing, and how to use them to strengthen diverse bodies of writing.  Through the instruction of the McDermotts, she discovered how to address the words of others with grace, diplomacy, and enthusiasm.  It is a practice she’s kept for her own clients: pointing out their note-worthy strengths, as well as specific suggestions in areas that would benefit from development.

Read the ENTIRE entry—including experiences in the literary world—here:

Thank you! I appreciate all the “likes” and Followers I’ve received this past month, since I started maintaining the blog aspect of this website! Every blogger I’ve personally connected with has enriched my life in some way; much gratitude and well wishes to you.  Now I ask: if you have any friends, family members or colleagues writing a book, or if any are in need of extra special guidance in their writing lives, I would LOVE if you put us in touch.  You can contact me directly through here at Polished Pear Creative, or through my e-mail  All acts of [kind-hearted] KARMA are treasured and boomeranged right back! So, if there’s any way I can support YOU, please say how.  I am all for the business of compassionate networking.

2 thoughts on “About Me – Revisions, Because I Edit Things

  1. If one of my friends is in in need of an editor, I’ll ask them to check you out. Would you like to do a guest post on my blog– a sort of interview on your role as an editor?

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