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Writers with Writing Jobs

Hi, friends. I’ve got to get serious for a second. JK. I’m always serious. But seriously. I need to know if your story is like mine. People who write for creative expression: do you also write to make a living? Is writing a big bulk of your job? It is for me. I write resumes.… Continue reading Writers with Writing Jobs

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Why I don’t understand NanoWriMo and Word Counts

It’s a critical viewpoint, bordering on cynical, I know. I should be praising these writers who show up to the page for NanoWriMo. Afterall, they’re making progress. They’re committing to their work. But I just can’t ignore that there’s something fundamentally wrong with this approach.

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Republishing: 11 Rookie Mistakes from Authors Who Now Know Better

This was an article I wrote for August 12, 2013. Content for no longer exists; however, I felt this content was valuable. So here you go, WordPress readers, writers, aspirants. Don’t follow their lead. 11 Rookie Mistakes from Authors who Know Better.   Aspiring novelists: read closely.  Anyone in the ‘biz for two… Continue reading Republishing: 11 Rookie Mistakes from Authors Who Now Know Better