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Affirmations for the Submissions Process

Today is a good day for acceptance.

Today, I accept myself.

I send this poem out with intense acceptance for myself. I’ve completed it, and therefore, I’ve already won.

My creations are understood and felt by those who read it.

What I create is not just created by me; it’s co-created with the divine inside me.

I am perfect, even if flawed. My story is perfect, just the same.

My story deserves a home. I love my story.

The acceptance or rejection of a publication does not validate the acceptance or rejection in myself. I am already whole and validated, regardless of who says yes and who says no. Someone will say yes, because I say yes to myself.

Submitting my work is so fun.

Submitting my work is freeing.

I love when people read my work, because my worth is whole and in tact.

It brings me great joy when editors receive my work.

It brings me great joy when editors accept my work.

It brings me great joy for people I don’t know to read my work and connect.

We are all connected.

There is no separation.

Rejection just means I am closer to finding the right home.

I am eternally accepted by my creator.

I create with my creator.

I am not separate.

I am whole.

I am loved.

I am pure.

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