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Eustress: A fire starter.

from Wikipedia: “Active procrastination is positively related to flow. By actively delaying work, the person increases the challenge. Then once the challenge is matched with the person’s high skill levels, the person can experience flow. Those who passively procrastinate or do not procrastinate do not have these same experiences. It is only with the purposeful… Continue reading Eustress: A fire starter.

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Sweet Butter – The Non-Writer Writer.

A friend at work asked if he could read my short stories some time. “What stories?” I said. “I don’t really write stories anymore. Sometimes I do. But I don’t finish them. I just don’t feel compelled, really.” Admitting that I wasn’t working on anything specific used to be a moment of sickening defeat for… Continue reading Sweet Butter – The Non-Writer Writer.

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Writing Resolutions that Stick for 2014

The New Year’s just around the corner, and that means you’re probably adding “make more time for writing” to your list of resolutions.  There’s a reason resolutions don’t stick around, and I’ll tell you why: they need more glue! (aka: a connection to the REASON the resolution was made in the first place.) I’ll break… Continue reading Writing Resolutions that Stick for 2014

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Staying Present While the Writing’s Half-Formed

The words don’t always form, but their meanings might.  It’s like watching a scene without hearing.  You make sense of what you can, with what you’re given, straining harder to see what’s right in front of you.  The funny part?  It’s when the senses are withdrawn that all components of your story join together.  Breathe,… Continue reading Staying Present While the Writing’s Half-Formed