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You are Here, And Here, And Here

Tip to bridge gap between where you are and where you want to be:

sit with the energy of the future-you that you wish to cultivate. You with the published book.  You with the speaking gigs. You flying across the country for book tours.

Maybe your goals are smaller in scale.

You with the relaxed schedule.

You with the free time.

You with the money to afford a professional massage.

What does that experience look like?

What does it feel like?  Taste like?

Anchor it with your senses.

Allow your body and mind to experience your dreams right now, so that they aren’t too far outside your comfort zone. So you don’t subconsciously reject them.

Being this vision allows you to attract more opportunities that support this vision.  It invites the present you to be open.

For the rest of this week, perhaps for the rest of this month, begin your day from this place of anchored dreaming.  Witness what you create and attract from this perspective.

Only accept what clearly supports you.

Truth is, there is no distinction between the you now and the you later.  Whether or not it is perceived, you are always and utterly One.

One thought on “You are Here, And Here, And Here

  1. good advice. this kind of thinking has three-fold benefit:
    1. conditions us through neuro-plasticity to think particular ways
    2. strengthens your belief in possibilities of what can be done, what you can do
    3. projects condusive “psychic” energy outward to attract condusive energy more in your favor (no guarantees, but gives energy a nudge it would not otherwise have– which is the basis of proper prayer/ meditation)

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