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Affirmations for Transforming Notions of Overwhelm

My sense of well-being is more important than meeting the demands of my ego. Everything I do, am, and invite into my life creates an overflow of peace.

While my schedule might be tight right now, I understand that I have all the necessary energy, time, and motivation to be present for each task.

My work is rewarding.

An abundance of creativity dwells in me that I easily and freely tap into.

The more I relax in each moment, the clearer my mind is.  Things naturally fall into place when I am clear and relaxed.

When I say, “Yes,” I mean it.  When I say, “No,” I mean it, and no one is harmed.

There is enough time in the day for all that I want to accomplish.

I love the opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

I get to express myself, and my experiences, through these opportunities.

No one demands anything from me that I haven’t already given.

When I am feeling imbalanced, I quickly return to my center, feeling the grace and glow of the light that’s in me.

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