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when using the power to destroy and deconstruct is productive

energy exists and needs an outlet. it is neutral, neither “good” or “bad” or “sad” or “happy” although I’d assert that some energy is more “dense” or “light” or “fast-moving” than others. the way we wield this energy is key: with it, (in the physical realm) we can choose to build or destroy. add to or subtract from. make life, or deny it. in any case, energy is always productive, in that it gets released somewhere and takes effect.

it can be garnered to create a masterpiece such as the Mona Lisa. the same energy can be used to start a fight, or plot a grand heist.

most often, people think using energy for means of destruction is a misuse of handling energy, because we’ve witnessed its misuse. for instance, weapons of mass DESTRUCTION. when someone sabotages themselves, we say they are being “self-destructive.” Hitler amassed his power to wipe out whole fields of the population! Misuse of power is happening now, in the Ukraine and Russia and Israel and Pakistan and in our own country, all over the globe, and so on and so on and so on.

not all “destruction” is harmful, though. in fact, some destruction is necessary in order to BUILD new structures, habits, and beliefs in its place.

Ways to Make Use of Destruction in Your Life:

smash old thought systems that no longer support you. Complying to limited beliefs is our biggest form of self-sabotage. the critical voice says we’re too fat to ever be fit, too inflexible for Yoga—too busy, too tired, too stupid, too fragile to turn out our own Mona Lisa’s. Pay attention to the moments when you “stop yourself” from doing what you want. Listen to the thoughts that follow. Those, my dear, are your limited beliefs about yourself. They are limited, because they don’t have to be true. You’ve made them true. And you can make them untrue. Your awareness is the first step towards deconstructing your saboteurs.

clobber habits of avoidance. Think of all the energy you use in your daily life just to avoid something that isn’t likely going to take as much energy as what you’re putting into your avoidance mechanisms! Avoidance can take on some shifty forms and usually involves physically altering your mood, because that’s the fastest escape. If you’re using things like drinking, getting blazed, eating, shopping, checking Facebook, or even doing laundry as a tactic to avoid something that would release a lot of stress in you if you just faced it, notice that those are just temporary breaks. Confronting what you avoid is the best way to clear its stress from your energy system. And THEN you can have all the cake and beer and bud and clean laundry you want.

deconstruct your ideas of poverty. Are you always crying about how broke you are? Oooh, you wish you could make that trip, or get that gym membership, or education, but you just don’t see how you’ll ever be able to afford it! Is money something that causes you absolute panic, that replaces all joy you have for the things that you want to buy? This is called poverty consciousness, dear ones. You will not get rich, or feel happy, while leading yourself on to believe that you are lacking in some way. Even if you have zero dollars in your bank account. Even if you owe a million dollars in loans. You MUST use your creative energy to remember the ABUNDANCE in life that surrounds you. Deconstruct your habit towards thinking in terms of “lack,” smash it to a gazillion pieces, just to show you, once more, who’s actually in charge. And then, use AAAALLLL the energy you spend moaning and groaning about money to supercharge your feelings of WORTH AND VALUE. Money is just a channel. It, too, is neutral. Which is why you project yourself onto it, and why, by changing how you think about yourself (the world, God, available resources), you change how money shows up in your life. You deserve freedom and peace and the opportunities you seek. But you must, must, must change your thinking.

a tip that helps me: tuning into my higher chakras (beyond the 7th!) helps me remember that i am not a limited being. Not in the least! I’ve been doing higher chakra meditations at night and in the morning since yesterday, and the feelings of connectivity, of abundance and joy and power is RADIANT within and outside of me! My energy field is WAY larger than I ever dreamed off; it extends even beyond the point to where I can see! It goes beyond the senses, and that is because you (and we!) ARE the Universe, and didn’t you know, this old bird is vast and tall and EVER-EXPANDING?

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