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3/10/2015 channeled meditation.

honesty and clarity do not come as shiny and round as the full moon.
they fleck, chip off into pieces.
a little honesty here. a little clarity there.
but we are going deeper, now. to a Truth
that reveals itself in every molecule of our being.
this life on Earth enters us as symbolism
for how we think, believe, and feel.
in that matrix, we wander, playing out scenarios
that attune to the vibration of our elaborate mindscapes.
the things we want to be real. the things we want
to see play out, as earth bodies. we are constantly
trying to see what “love manifest” means. since
we are love, in a  multi-dimensional, ongoing sphere,
we aim to experience love “in the flesh,” with 3D glasses,
compress it into actions and deeds and connection
to others. outline boundaries for it, to reflect
this walls of 3D living.
why bind ourselves? to expand what’s possible.
using pressure of limits, we often call forth our
greatest creativity. plant flowers within the walls,
to grow gardens in our minds.
is the walk–on earth, as bodies–always clear?
next steps, direction, directives: “What do I do now?”
“What might so and so mean?”
We are always home, in Spirit.
We are always home, even while here.
The cracks in the foundation,
the light that is or isn’t getting through,
the slant, impossible and possible truth– it’s all unveiling
in proportion to our willingness to embrace whatever it is.
i embrace my honesty. what little of it comes.
my un-knowing, my knowing. the flecks of it
that peel off and make a collage of experience.
i embrace the whole of the moon, even when she only
shows one side of herself.

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