Yesterday was not too dissimilar from any other day. Except, I planned better. I wrote out my schedule to the minute… when I saw that I was 40 minutes behind, I did not panic; instead, I decided to trust in my organization skillsĀ and give some room for moments of error. I finished the day’s activities with an hour to spare, despite the 40-minute lag mid-day. And while I’m harping on time here, competing with the clock is not what kept me motivated. What kept me on point, moving forward without feeling defeated, was thankfulness. Periodically, and especially when I’d start to lose steam, I’d write in my notes how thankful I was for the clients I was able to serve, and the messages that were coming through me to bless them. I gave thanks to God for helping me stay on track (when I’d normally veer off to Facebook or some other distraction), knowing that I had a lot on my plate to clear away. I stayed thankful, even when I was noticing the unwise decisions I’d made that wound me up with a cramped schedule to begin with. I thanked myself for my willingness to just get through the day and to show up powerfully. IĀ forgave myself for accepting busy-ness as the status quo, from letting it shield me from opportunities of greater caliber or quality. This business and busy-ness stuff is all a learning curve, learned best through experience. It is never perfect. I am even less perfect. But the thankfulness… more of that, please.

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