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We love you, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer left this world yesterday. Full moon in Pisces. A supermoon, no less, for a superman. I am deeply touched by his presence, his wisdom, his thoughtfulness and gentle spirit. Gentle, but also direct..steadfast, straight forward. He believed powerfully in the transcendence of mind and ego and put all of his spirit’s knowledge into practice day after day. I didn’t know this man personally. But I knew his spirit. I knew his words. I knew his impact. Because I felt it, as though I were in front of him, shaking his hand, giving him a hug, saying “Thank you, Wayne, for glowing.” This might be one of the first times that my own spirit has felt Joy for the passing of someone. At first it was shock, like “Oh no, a great light just left our world.” That fear quickly (I mean, within seconds) melted into peace—which I think Wayne would smile at. He died peacefully in his sleep. It reminds me of Enoch, just being guided up into Heaven when his work was done. Anyway, the emphasis is not on his death, for his death would mean little to us if it weren’t for his incredible life. We have his books. We have his videos. We have his teachings right here. We are not without Wayne Dyer. He is within us, as everyone and everything is.


This is a man who powerfully rose to his calling, proving to us that life is one long string of miracles when you take those courageous steps towards becoming your true self—the self that influences the world, rather than the self that is shaped solely by the world.




Walking home from a coffee shop in the Valley today, I started asking God (a.k.a. my higher self, my Source, my Creator) what my calling was. Before I could even get an answer, I started monologuing to myself (out loud, in public…) why my editing practices work, and why they are different from the average editing services. I felt this heat in my belly, this fire of truth emanating from within me, as I imagined my words being used in conversation with a new client who needed to know why they should choose me to edit their book.


Because I wasn’t hearing a direct answer from God on my “calling,” I decided to ask Wayne’s spirit. I said, “Wayne, what is my calling? What is the next step?”



He simply said, very firmly, “Hold on, honey.”


So I am holding on. Not to a specific vision, per se… because I am open to truly becoming what it is that I am meant to become (and possibly what I already am). I believe editing is part of this, simply because I launched into my passion just within that walk, without really thinking about it… just letting my spirit speak for me. The avenue to attract that type of work is still unclear and forming… I think this is what the “hold on, honey” means. Hold on to the idea that it will become clear, focused, driven and powerful. Hold on, honey, to the sweetness of your gift. Your nectar. The things you are anyway, all the time. Doors are opening; there’s no reason to worry or strive. Keep practicing your “becoming,” your “being,” — letting the spirit transform you with knowledge, vision, and heart.



This is what I mean by Wayne is still here with us. Even if I was just making all of that up in my head, it still inspired me to have faith and to move forward in faith. Wayne Dyer didn’t start out with anything handed to him. He was a foster child with an abusive father, who learned not to feed a “victim” mentality, but rather, the mentality that he could defy his circumstances. He joined the Navy, went to college, and became a school teacher. He read books  from the greatest thinkers— Emerson, Thoreau—and then went on to diligently study the Tao, A Course in Miracles, and other philosophies, where he learned the power of forgiveness, the power of “now,” the power of thoughts, affirmations, yoga, union with Source… the “I am” presence of God. All of this, he put into put into books and seminars and videos that reached thousands, probably millions, of people. He is why I discovered the publisher Hay House and Louise Hay (and all of her amazing meditations). He is why I found other influential authors, like Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, and more. He is why I said to myself, “I want to become Wayne Dyer’s editor (even though he has one that he absolutely trusts and has worked with for years! When she retires, I’m there!)… I want to edit books for people like THAT. For Hay House authors. For people who are driven by spirit, so that I may provide direction and editing from spirit too, and be in the flow of a powerful message.” He is why I thought that vision was even possible.



And so, I carry that with me. Even if I never become an editor for Hay House, I know that I am becoming something beautiful and driven. The more I tune into Spirit, the more I take chances, the more I believe in myself, doors open. I walk through them and discover a new paradise. I find that, within that paradise, I, too, am blossoming.


In this, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the person who introduced me to Wayne Dyer’s teachings: my former business coach, healer, and mentor Jaime Kalman Chipko. When I hired her to become my business coach, one of the first books she instructed me to read was Wayne Dyer’s, “Excuses Begone.” I remember taking the book with me to Baltimore, Maryland for Christmas, along with a stack of other reading material by Chellie Campbell and Yogananda, in preparation of my first session with Jaime in the New Year. Jaime was preparing my mind to start believing in myself… she wanted that belief to be my baseline, and she worked with me relentlessly, through healing sessions and prescribed business actions, to move that energy of belief and possibility through my being. Through a meditation with her, I discovered a calling… to move to Los Angeles and begin editing books and coaching writers who were intent on making an impact with their life stories and words. Before Wayne Dyer’s book, or Jaime’s teachings, I never would have invested in that vision whispered to me by Spirit. I would have said, “Ha. Go home, Holy Spirit. You’re drunk.” I never would have said “Yes” to my desire or dream. I never would have made the necessary changes that would instill a new confidence in me, one that is still building, saying, “I can make this work. I can live on my own, away from my family, and find community. I can do this, because I’m born to do this.” I moved here with one of my absolute best friends and partner-in-crime aka adventure, Elizabeth Smythe, who is also unveiling her dreams, desires, and putting those into motion day by day. She is writing scripts now, and going to screenwriting meetings with a small production group. She said “Yes” to the challenge. And while neither of us have our DREAM lives yet, and while doubt HAS admittedly creeped in, we aren’t giving up. We aren’t letting the past define our future. Or our present. We have NO excuse not to reach deep, far, and wide… to travel from safety to an ocean of possibility… to test ourselves and our commitment to what we direct our lives to be. I have no reason not to believe in myself and become the woman that God intended. I have no reason not to let love enter my heart and transform my relationships. I have no reason not dream big, live large, and celebrate the triumphs. If Wayne Dyer can bolster himself from his circumstances, so can I. So can we. So be it.

Here is some reading material from his blog about the power of “I am.”



2 thoughts on “We love you, Dr. Wayne Dyer

  1. As a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I am in love with this tribute you have scribed for him…and for all of us dreamers and truth-seekers who desire to manifest and share the power of Love in this lifetime. I was totally surprised and honored to be mentioned in the same tribute – wow! Thank you for sharing your story, your hopes, your fears and for being the beautiful butterfly that you are. I have no doubts that the voice you heard was Wayne Dyers’ (I could hear his richly toned voice, through your writing, saying “hold on, honey” so clearly!) I think we all struggle with self doubt (even Wayne Dyer did from time to time) and I love that you are listening to your heart and following your dreams as they unfold. You need not see the whole picture yet, and that’s ok! All you need is to see the possibility lying before you and take one step into it with faith – just like you’ve been demonstrating so far! You remind me of one of my favorite quotes by John A. Shedd…(in fact, it was all I wrote in my high school year book next to my senior portrait the year I graduated) “A ship is safe in harbor…but that’s not what ships are for.” Sail on, Dear One. And hold on, honey!! If you ever question yourself along your journey, just borrow my certainty that you are both blessed and a blessing to every soul you touch.

    1. Oh, Jaime, thank you for the encouragement. And of course I would mention you — you are forever intertwined with my experience of Wayne Dyer, because you are the one who showed me the way towards that light. 🙂 I will definitely sail on… the water is rich with wisdom. 🙂

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