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The Next Great American Novel

The ‘next great American novel’ is likely one without distinguishable grid lines. It is the voice of a refugee fleeing terror or an illegal immigrant fighting poverty. It has no real roots except where one is running from. It is a story for the road.

Its first language is not English. It could not run for President. It adapts to where one lands, and quietly. Even quieter, if the author is a woman. And quieter so, if the author is Muslim.

But these are the stories America needs. Brave, true, remarkable voices that break down our walls and more, our hearts.

Because this type of story has gone on too long: Hatred, prejudice, bigotry, ignorance. Is this our inheritance? Is this the legacy we choose?

The Next Great American novel will ask more from us.

It will show how, even after grave injustice, love and kindness are our way forward.

It will be bold and uncompromising.

It will search our fear.

It will deliver us from division with a deep grace.

We will look upon all people, from all nationalities, as brothers and sisters. Not a false hierarchy based on class or pigmentation.

The Next Great American novel will not be American.

It will be mixed. A story without borders, to heal the wounds of all the truth that’s been discredited and displaced.

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