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The Nightingale and Now: A Trip to WW2

After reading The Nightingale, WW2 won’t get out of my head. A good book transports you; a great book makes you forget that you aren’t actually there. France in WW2 is not the happiest place to take a mental vacation. But I can’t help but see the significance in modern times, how I ended the story on the anniversary of V.E. Day; how our country is becoming so fearful of another race that it could take appalling measures to “protect” itself; how Uranus was Squaring Pluto during the rise of Hitler, and we’re in a time of heavy Uranus/Plutonian activity. I can’t help but think that reality forms to our loudest thoughts, and right now, the signal that I’m hearing most often on every channel is FEAR.

As my mind searches for escape routes and harps on the “What ifs” of terror (will bombs drop from the sky? Will my plane explode? Will the country go to war? Will I get shot if I am in public, or at church, or just walking down the street?), I must stop the worry. I don’t want this reality. This fear. I don’t want to cave to a “me versus them” mentality that seems to deafen our mass consciousness with lies and insecurity. I don’t want to close my heart and eyes to the REAL solutions that are right in front us: love, kindness, belief, prayer, forgiveness, acceptance. I don’t want an enemy.

I rally for peace. I search my mind for the mental wars, and I forgive them. I search my mind for the peace of God, and I open to it. I use my imagination not to plan escape routes, but to outline moments of harmony. I imagine a world that only knows kindness. I imagine a spirit that only knows oneness. I imagine a people who only know forgiveness. Our greatest weapon is our greatest savior: love. Love will save us from the madness. Love is my loudest thought.

Today devote your practice periods to careful searching of your mind, to find the dreams you cherish still. What do you ask for in your heart? Forget the words you use in making your requests. Consider but what you believe will comfort you, and bring you happiness. But be you not dismayed by lingering illusions, for their form is not what matters now. Let not some dreams be more acceptable, reserving shame and secrecy for others. They are one. And being one, one question should be asked of all of them, “Is this what I would have, in place of Heaven and the peace of God?” – ACIM, Lesson 185

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