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16 Affirmations for Self-Starting Entreprenuer Types

If you have a goal (and you’re human), there’s no doubt that you will eventually brush against the yucky emotions such as a doubt, fear, discomfort, and maybe even temporary despair. You will question the worthiness of your goal—if all the time, energy, thoughts, and money you’re pouring into it will even get you closer to what you want. You will criticize yourself or others for not being perfect. Relax. That’s just your inner programming telling you that “out there,” the place where your dreams reside, is new territory. The subconscious views “new” as threatening until proven otherwise, and so your mind puts the brakes on your progress, throwing out all these critical thoughts that are designed to keep you exactly where you are, even if where you are is exactly where you don’t want to be. There are a zillion excuses why we shouldn’t say YES to our dreams and move forward with adequate action that would help them come about. But those excuses are a waste of your imagination. Don’t let fear sit in the Director’s Chair. Let’s do some mind-training exercises that will create the reality you’d rather see in full motion.  Repeat after me.

  • I am outstandingly skilled at what I do
  • People rely on my expertise to guide them through their goals
  • I improvise easily and with grace
  • If I don’t know the answers, I quickly find solutions that work
  • I trust myself and the people I do business with
  • My clients trust me with their money, time, and energy
  • I attract amazing, wealthy clients who are ready to work with me
  • I connect with new people all the time and share what I do with them
  • People are eager to see me succeed and they support my success
  • I am excited to watch my business grow and double what it did last year
  • I always find quality time to relax, and I never worry about where my next paycheck will come from
  • I trust the Universe, God, my creator, the Source of Light & Inspiration to provide for me at every moment
  • I move forward, despite setbacks, keeping my goals focused and priorities straight
  • I attract experiences that bring me joy and magnificent breakthroughs in my career
  • I am right on track and exactly where I need to be
  • I believe in my ability to positively improve people’s lives by sharing the unique gifts that God gave me

Add your favorite affirmations in the comments. And repeat and repeat!


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