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Note to Self: Dec. 2015, Reminder

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the NON-happenings—the things we want but are not yet here. I’ve written a note to self, grounding me in what is important. The pretty PDF version is attached in the link below if you like uplifting templates with your uplifting messages. Please feel free to apply these concepts to yourself, or write your own letter. It’s therapeutic.


Dear Self,


You’ve been super so far, moving to California, achieving your dreams. Sure, you aren’t 100% where you’d like to be. But life is gradual; it moves you closer to your goals with each step you take. Let’s be conscious this year of the opportunities before us. Opportunities like networking, like building your web presence, like connecting with those who need your expertise and talent and careful guidance to shape their words into stories that resonate.

Let’s remember who you are at all moments, regardless of circumstances. Let’s remember that you’re a child of God and that you are treasured. Let’s remember that life is not just about work; it’s about creating a momentum of love and extending peace. It’s about creating, period.

In all that you achieve, may you be kind and noble. May you ask for what you need and do so with grace and confidence. May you bask in the possibility that what you want is here for you, and it’s provided by God. God loves you. God wants you to have a happy life.

Be sure not to take on too much. Check in and see if what you say Yes to is actually moving you closer to your goals. Say No firmly, and with cheer, for you are here with a purpose and live with decisive action. Let the Holy Spirit be your compass and companion at this time. Read, believe, and soak up the miracles. Sing, also. There is no pressure. Time is on your side and she’s here to teach you how to utilize her. You are a divine expression of Love. Anything that is not love is not from you or for you. Be mindful of this, and say Yes to that which adds to your spirit. Stay true to this spirit in all moments, and you will unlock more than you ever imagined. But, keep imagining. Keep dreaming. Keep growing. You are golden.

Regards, Amanda

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