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The Little Flower Knows It Will Bloom


I woke up to a work e-mail that was not the most pleasant.

It colored all my thoughts a glassy blend of dark blue-gray.

After I responded, I started to deal with the internal and bodily reactions of being provoked by conflict.

Knot in the stomach. Anger. Judgement. Interrogation. Fear.

In a flash, I witnessed a beautiful thought: God is bigger than this problem. 

I repeated it again and smiled.

But, the bitter thoughts returned. I ran a warm shower and started to sing made-up words and melodies with lyrics that declared I am cared for; I am blessed. After drying off, I crawled back into bed to meditate.

When I closed my eyes, I saw soil. Deep, rich soil—already watered.

I saw myself as a very tiny person, small enough to fit into the palm of a hand, being sat down in this soil. How dark it is without the sunlight. How worrisome and cold.

In this soil, I said, “Eventually the flower blooms. The flower goes into it knowing it will bloom.”

My little eyes grew wide, and I sat expectantly beneath this soil, grinning with anticipation for the moment I’d burst through the surface and witness the blues and greens and warmth that life permits when it’s had the right nourishment.

After the visualization, I stumbled upon this post from Wayne Dyer’s page on Facebook:


How is that for confirmation? 🙂










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